I thought that first post of mine was some type of status thing. Relating to facebook in the fact of how it is called a “post” instead of a blog. This whole blogging idea is fairly new to me, and its more or less my online journal that a bunch of random people can read, and laugh at all the crazy dramatics that go on in my life. So, to begin with… PA sucks. With period. “.” People here are insane and so caught up in their pathetic lives that their not even realizing how much they are making a fool out of themselves, and just being  complete obligatory assholes. I went to a public school last year but decided to leave this year, due to the general perception of everyones ego’s there. Who had the best weed, and what party was where. These were what the big deals were about on the weekends. It wasnt about the friendship, and just being smiling happy people. Thats what we all wish, but were all human, and factors like jealousy and cunning come into play, and cliques form causing segregation, and hatin’ to occur. Hence, its called High School. I got put in a private school, and even here it still lingers… We all need to  learn to love, and with it we will learn to see the world, eye for eye, fist for fist,  take a step back, and start moving in a real forward direction in the word. C’mon people, smell the roses. I And Love And You


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Some real shit

Im your average 16 year old, i get decent grades have alot of bullshit in my life, and enjoy a good joint every once in a while.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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